McPhillamy Park - keep it for the people!

The Friends of McPhillamy Park are dedicated to the preservation of McPhillamy Park on Mt Panorama - Wahluu as a park for the people.

The Park is located in Bathurst’s most unique and spectacular location – the summit of Mount Panorama.  It is the must-visit place to take in the awe-inspiring vistas of Bathurst and surrounding countryside.

McPhillamy Park was gifted by the McPhillamy family in 1938 as a public park for the whole community and future generations to enjoy. It is a grand place that holds much of Bathurst’s unique heritage: geological, environmental and cultural.

McPhillamy Park - it's at serious risk!

Did you know that Bathurst Regional Council has approved the construction of a club go-kart track on a significant section of McPhillamy Park?

The Friends of McPhillamy Park 


"No karts on top of the Mount!"

It's not too late to find another place for the go-kart track - it is up to our councillors.

Save McPhillamy Park!

No Karts on top of the Mount!

McPhillamy Park on Mt Panorama/Wahluu is a special place for so many.  It is the highest point in Bathurst, with sweeping views over the landscape. 



Bathurst Regional Council wants to hand over the peace of our park to a single sporting club for its private use. 

Wasn't McPhillamy Park donated so it could be enjoyed by everybody??....Not just a few.

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A Vision for McPhillamy Park

on top of Mount Panorama/Wahluu

McPhillamy Park - a place for all the people

Celebrating our natural environment

Respecting our Indigenous and

non-Indigenous cultural heritage

Wahluu - Wiradyuri country

"The connection between the Wiradyuri people and Wahluu is rather unique, with many creation stories shining a light on the mountain’s cultural significance."

“We need to get the name Wahluu out to everybody in Bathurst in order to understand the mountain’s importance as a place of ceremony,” Wiradyuri elder Dinawan Dyrribang [Bill Allen] said.

Western Advocate

23 November 2018 

Gift of the McPhillamy Family

McPhillamy Park was gifted by the McPhillamy family in 1938 as a public park for the whole community and future generations to enjoy. 

I’m still a Bathurstian at heart, have many fond memories of The Mount, including the wonderful views from McPhillamy Park. The Park was donated by my relatives for all the citizens of the city along with visitors, and not a select group. The park needs to be maintained and beautified for ALL!

(The Rev’d) Christopher F.

Save Mount Panorama petition

Nature's gift

Take in the sensational panoramic views

of the countryside. 

Marvel at the beauty of the sunsets.

Appreciate the quiet under the trees. 

Listen for the birds. 


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From media release by the Minister for the Environment Sussan Ley


Minister Ley has made a declaration to protect an area on Mount Panorama/Wahluu under section 10 of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Heritage Protection Act 1984 (ATSIHP Act).


The declaration protects the site from the proposed construction of buildings and significant earthworks (including the type required for a proposed go kart track), while also protecting the existing public use of the land for recreation, camping and as open space.


“I am satisfied that the area identified at the top of Mount Panorama/Wahluu, one that helps define the iconic shape of the mountain top, is culturally significant and should be protected under the ATSIHP Act,” Minister Ley said.

What people are saying....

"Nothing says Welcome to Bathurst like the top of our WORLD Famous icon."

Michael Byrne

Save McPhillamy Park Facebook 

When I first saw this I thought it was part of the kangaroo fence. I didn't realize it was land taken away from the public Park for the private go-kart track. You can't get access to the Southern and Western Lookout Points, nor the Picnic Hut anymore.

Roland Zopf

Save McPhillamy Park Facebook