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A Vision for McPhillamy Park

We have a vision for McPhillamy Park which:

  • ensures it is protected, enhanced and maintained as a valued open green space for passive recreation for the whole community

  • respects the importance of Wahluu to the Wiradyuri people

  • takes advantage of its world class views, its premier position, and its potential as a major tourism attraction

  • includes walking tracks, together with interpretation stops.

Here is a recommendation from report commissioned by the Bathurst Regional Council in 2003.


Guiding Principles for Mount Panorama

Bathurst’s Central Park


At the heart of the tourism and recreation strategy is the creation of ‘Sky Park’. This name opens the way for a range of activities that draw on the appeal of standing on high ground and surveying the surrounding land and the sky above.


In light of the vision statement, the objectives for Mount Panorama as Bathurst’s central park are to: ·

  • create a ‘sense of place’, providing a range of experiences ·

  • provide opportunities for a range of activities, including passive recreation, that are accessible to all ·

  • protect and enhance the natural qualities of Mount Panorama in a public open space network

Bathurst Regional Council 


by Kellogg Brown & Root Pty Ltd

What is your vision for McPhillamy Park?

Email us your ideas so that we can include as many as possible here.

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