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The Statement of Environmental Effects presented to Bathurst Councillors ahead of their approval of the Development Application  lists the following ecological impacts of the proposal:

  • The permanent removal of 0.79 ha of White Box Yellow Box Blakely’s Red Gum Woodland listed as an Endangered Ecological Community under the Biodiversity Conservation Act of NSW (formerly the Threatened Species Conservation Act).

  • Removal of 3.57 ha of exotic and planted vegetation including exotic non-native Hawthorn and Pine trees which may provide over wintering foraging resources for native birds.

  • The removal of three (3) hollow bearing trees containing approximately eight hollows and two dead trees providing potential habitat for hollow-dependent fauna including threated microbats.

  • Reduction of 0.79 ha woodland habitat for Koala (listed as Vulnerable under the Biodiversity Conservation Act and the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act including the removal of two Ribbon Gum trees listed as primary feed trees for the Central Tablelands region

  • Indirect impacts to 2.95 ha of White Box Yellow Box Blakely’s Red Gum Woodland vegetation listed under the Biodiversity Conservation Act (formerly TSC Act), and potential injury or mortality of small, terrestrial fauna within the proposal footprint.

The report listed the presence of the following vulnerable and threatened animals:

  • Koala

  • Diamond Firetail

  • Dusky Woodswallow

  • Brown Treecreeper

  • Gang-gang Cockatoo

  • Flame Robin

  • Scarlet Robin

  • Threatened microbats including the Yellow-bellied Sheathtail Bat, the Eastern Bentwing-bat; the Large-footed Myotis, and Corben’s Large-eared Bat.

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